Our Team

Marc Pollard- Co-Founder - Operations/Evangelist
Marc is an innovative entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in IT business-to-business and consumer marketing, business development, online marketing, social media and government contracting. At present, Marc is founding partner of 55zero Management. Marc founded and managed numerous software development and online marketing firms, Advantive Corporation, Tangerine Power, 55zero Management, and focuses on providing IT development services to clients by managing an Agile team with diverse online experiences. Marc provides customers with agnostic IT solutions that best solve their business needs including understanding frameworks in Open Source, and.NET platforms. Marc manage the operations, processes and IT teams to ensure projects are completed on time and ensuring the latest technologies are being used to create customer value. Marc’s background is in online marketing and customized website development.
Dave Retchless- Co-Founder/Lead Architect
Dave has performed exemplary services to Tilray and Microsoft as a senior software developer/architect with over 15 years of experience. Dave has been building software solutions up to fault tolerant, highly available enterprise solutions. Dave holds a strong command of ASP.NET 4.0, C#, SQL Server, MVC, Window, Linq, Entity Framework, Hosting, Cloud Hosting, etc. Dave has been responsible for architecting and developing on the Air National Guard, Tilray and Microsoft properties since 2008. He has also developed applications for other Microsoft properties including the Visual Studio Team’s website- Build a Better Application. Dave also is a natural leader and continues to help improve the Microsoft Technology Groups processes and deliverables in collaboration with the SEBT properties with groups like MSCOM, MPN/MIO, to name a few. Dave is committed to architecting the next generation of the SEBT web properties that are self-administered and scalable and support the latest technology tool sets.
Jason DeCarteret- Co-Founder/Lead Architect
Jason is responsible for managing the development team ensuring the delivery of online applications meets the industries best practices. In addition to Tilray ecommerce development, Jason has developing web applications for Microsoft, including BizSpark and Website spark, as well as associated Microsoft web applications for the Visual Studio teams. Jason remains in the technical forefront of Microsoft’s .NET initiative by adopting the technologies since before .NET. Using ASP.NET, C#, MVC as a foundation, Jason has architected web applications in eCommerce, distributed applications, data cryptography and streaming media technologies. Jason has worked for Microsoft in Senior Development and Architecture capacity since 1998. He developed operational process outlines, procedural specifications, technical whitepapers and reusable code libraries. He is an expert in ASP.NET 4.0 C#, SQL Server, Entity Framework, SOAP, REST, WCF, XLM/XSL, Linq, Nunit, etc.
Lyle Hazle
Lyle is a highly motivated program/project manager and information technology professional with over 25 years of experience in Software Development and Enterprise Architecture. His range of experience includes software development, digital asset management, architecture, data modeling, business analysis, team leadership and project management. He has a talent for finding innovative solutions for complex architecture and software development problems.
Brandon Waterman- Senior Art Director (UI/UX Website / Phone App Design).
Brandon is an Interactive Director & Strategist who has worked on experiential and interactive projects for almost 10 years. He has worked with brands including Microsoft, Alaska Air, Cargill, The Space Needle, Dickies, Seattle’s Best Coffee, and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. After getting a BA in International Business and a BFA in FIne Arts, Brandon worked as a UX designer then art director. Brandon now creates ideas and builds stunning pixel-perfect designs that meet business goals while delighting users.
Michael Armes- Senior Website Developer
Developer for the engineering system producing Visual Studio and .Net. Michael also develops the site tracking and reporting tools and dashboards for our Tilray client. He specializes in delivering technology that changes how software is packaged, shipped, and assembled. Previously a core owner of various systems including reporting dashboards, an outage notification service, and various build components. Key developer in many other build services ranging from code signing, test and build automation, reporting, and more.
  1. Rigorous quality control - Continuous Integration builds, code reviews, focus on unit and integration tests, customer acceptance reviews
  2. Agile (SCRUM) crews
Eric Blankenberg- Senior Website Developer
Eric has an excellent software developer with vast amount of experience. His skills are not limited to one aspect of software development though. He can work on all tiers and provide excellent solutions. Hands-on architect and developer with a broad history of success in the industry. Strong background in consulting, technology strategy, software architecture, program management, application development, cloud computing, mobile solutions, CRM, and business intelligence. HTML5, jQuery, CSS3, C#, ASP.NET MVC 4, WPF, Silverlight, XAML, MVVM, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, Office 365, SQL Server, SQL Azure, Windows, Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Windows Phone, Exact Target, TeamSite, Tibco, Skytap, Tier 3. Eric currently develops new features and functionality for our Tilray and Microsoft clients.
Rick Carr- Senior Quality Assurance Manager
Senior Quality Assurance Manager- With over fifteen years of software QA experience being a diligent bug hunter is part of his DNA. Rick has worked at some of the most successful technology companies in the world, such as Microsoft. Rick is well versed on mastering best practices using agile, iterative and continuous development methodologies to ensure his web applications are high-performance and bug free.